Our mission is to disseminate an eco-sustainable style of clothing and ethics, the
harmonious attention to detail and creativity, producing garments of natural
fabrics made through a completely natural printing technique. We are constantly
focused on ethics and innovation respecting the environment and seeking new
sources of inspiration in nature.

Thanks to the union of a team of professional and expert artists, designers and
seamstresses, our will and desire is to make people unique by creating strong ties
with nature through design, to transform it into a unique, expressive lifestyle,
attentive and respectful. Craftsmanship, tailoring, made in Italy creativity, are the
distinctive elements of Campo Milano and each of our garments is handmade with
care and passion. Our creations tell wonderful, unique and personal stories,
becoming works of art to wear and show off for those who are not satisfied but
want more, desire something that fully expresses it.


Through our work we want to bring color and exceptionality to every moment of
life. We are committed to making the world a more attentive place for the
environment, with respect for diversity and self-expression by constantly working
to make people unique and distinctive without renouncing the quality and
refinement of handmade craftsmanship. We dream of a tomorrow in which
everyone can live to the fullest by wearing garments made of eco-sustainable and
recyclable materials with low environmental impact. A future where everyone is

free to be and wear which best expresses it to us by enhancing one’s identity and
creativity drawing inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature.


We at Campo Milano, in craftsmanship and tailoring for this reason we want to
rediscover the value of Made in Italy. We are guided by a strong creativity and
sense of social responsibility, we believe in the use of materials with low impact
on the environment and for this reason we are committed to respecting it through
the production of high quality eco-friendly garments made thanks to printing
techniques and methods natural with ecological dyes, using organic cotton and
sustainable packaging.

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