Sustainable Exclusivity

Campo Milano combines uniqueness, sustainability and creativity


No Stress & Color Your Life

In 2023, from the meeting between a love poem for nature, art and fashion, in the heart of the capital of Italian fashion and design, in a wonderful harmony of details, with the desire to make eco-sustainable and unique in the men’s and women’s clothing was born Campo Milano: Quality fashion brand of garments in natural fabrics made with care and professionalism in eco printing, a completely natural botanical print that allows to imprint and reproduce the shapes and colors of plants on fabric, obtaining an almost photographic effect. The result is always a surprise as it has many variables. The technique maintains an aura of magic, which guarantees the uniqueness and irreproducibility of each piece.

Campo Milano is focused on innovation, sustainable design, able to create strong emotions, exploring an original idea. We believe that every person is unique and special and for this reason they deserve clothing that best represents and values ​​them.

Brand Campo Milano is a synonymous with refined design and sustainable fashion Made in Milano.

Wear Campo Milano clothing to feel in tune with nature.

We want to make clients aware of the value of unique and quality garments, giving importance to the local flora.

Campo Milano means courageous, exclusive, creative, green look.

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